Since 1978, AM dares to be different, aiming to provide the best yachting experience in the world. It has advanced its product portfolio to high-end and luxury superyachts with appropriate and flexible manufacturing, marketing and customer service strategies. Its own brand “Ocean Alexander” is well known as for its innovation in yacht manufacturing and designs that ultimately leads to a yacht that is impeccable in its quality and attention in detail. Superior customer service makes the Company at the top of the industry.


To seize more market share, AM will expand the product lines to meet the requirements of different target market segments, and enlarge its production sites. The professional and experienced team members assures the Company’s competencies of developing high quality, green and eco-friendly yachts.


In order to create mutually beneficial win-wins with customers, AM commits not only to provide high quality yachts, but also to deliver fast and highly reliable one stop service. AM constantly strives to enhance existing technologies, to advance manufacturing execution system, and to maintain customer relationship, and carries out the commitment to sustainable development that creates value for our shareholders.