Company Overview


Alexander Marine Co., Ltd. (AM or the Company) was founded in 1978. AM cooperated with the famous Seattle yacht designer, Ed Monk Jr., and chose to create its own brand “Ocean Alexander” from the beginning. Based on its nearly 40-years experiences, AM has established an impeccable manufacturing system from design, production to marketing, and strives to continuous innovate its products. AM is not just building a product. Every yacht is expertly worked by hand to create for clients each magnificent masterpiece.


AM is the first and the only one listed yacht company in Taiwan, and becomes one of the top 5 yacht manufactures in the world. Moreover, AM is the only one Asian company which creates its own brand from the beginning and does not build OEM for others. AM builds up extensive sales locations in Europe, the United States, and Hong Kong, and also have several global agents in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Its uncompromising focus on superior customer service makes the Company the number one yacht brand in North America with more than 10% market share.

AM generated NT$2,774 million in sales revenue, a strong increase of 44.4% year-over-year.